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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

Since 2003, Stem Cells have been utilized by small and large animal Veterinarians for the treatment of orthopedic cases. Traditional services provided a mail in program whereas cells could be processed and sent back to the practitioner for reintroduction to the patient.

With improved on-site technology we are now able to offer an in-clinic system that allows for a same day stem cell harvest and application to the patient so that your pet only has to stay at the hospital for the day. This eliminates the variability in outside shipping of the sample, dramatically reduces the costs of the treatment and allows for the best in viability eliminating the potential of cell death. We are also able to freeze stem cells and bank them for future use so that the patient only has to have stem cells harvested once.

Stem cells are the body’s repair cells. They have the potential to divide and differentiate into many different types of cells. Stem cells have the ability to differentiate into tissues such as skin, fat, muscle, bone, cartilage, and nerve to name a few.

Why Use Stem Cells From Adipose (Fat) Tissue?

Adult stem cells differ from embryonic stem cells in that they are much safer (no risk of developing into tumors) and there are no moral and ethical concerns with harvesting cells from adipose tissue (fat). Adult stem cells are highly concentrated in adipose tissue and fat is also readily available in large quantities and easily accessible. The collection technique is less invasive than a spay surgery and the cells are very easy to obtain. Stem cells are extracted from the fat among a mixture of cells termed the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF).The SVF is rich in complementary cells and bioactive peptides that contribute to cell proliferation and tissue regeneration, and also imparts anti-inflammatory effects.

Stem Cell Banking:

Douglas Animal Hospital is also able to cryogenically bank your pet’s stem cells. This provides the opportunity to repeat stem cell injections using first generation adipose‚Äźderived stem cells so that pets can benefit from ongoing stem cell therapy without repeating the process of harvesting adipose tissue. Banking is an option for any patient coming in for stem cell therapy and is especially useful when stem cells are being used to treat recurring conditions such as osteoarthritis.